Pick only the best pick up line

The best collection of original handwritten pick up lines are mentioned here on the site and one can surely remember one from each category to a bunch of the pick up lines working in your favour for each sort of situation. It is quite important to know that every single word that is going to come from your mouth will define if you are going on another date or if that was that the last one.

What is Tinder pick up lines?

Many people are there on Tinder now and in starting it really get difficult to pick the best line that one can really use. The popularity of the application is quite much now with almost every third person being online on Tinder. The application works on getting matched on Tinder in theory you have to match with someone else by swiping right on the heart icon under the individual’s picture. If the opposite individual does the same that makes it Tinder match. There are certain lines that Tinder users follow almost every time.

After getting matched on Tinder, one will not get any second chance to impress that crush of yours which in return means that using one wrong sentence might just destroy every effort that you have been making ever since and this could make your crush unmatched.

There is an internet term as dating intelligence which is required in such dating applications. Anyone who gets successful in getting dates will definitely tell you that he used a pattern of pick up lines to impress the crush. Asking her what she actually needs in a relationship is the first step towards a successful step.

Pick up lines

There can be a choice to select for the compliments, funny, mean or diss. Some of each category is mentioned with some examples below:


  • You have the prettiest smile I have seen on Tinder
  • It took so many swipe lefts just to find the right you.
  • I have had a crush on you for years now.
  • Finally, I found my right after so many swipe lefts.


  • Just sit on my face and I will eat my way to the heart.
  • I know this profile is fake but can I get the name of this model for Google search?
  • I am sure you get this for like most of the times but you look like a mix between the Fergie and Gandhi.


  • I have this strange feeling that you are so much of trouble
  • You are that everything that I thought I never wanted in my girl.


  • You are just overrated being not hot enough to get away with being boring at the same time.
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