Know Some Hottest Sexting Tips

Know Some Hottest Sexting Tips

Although it is known that techno-sexual behavior is an act of low risk in some aspects (STI, unwanted pregnancy), it entails a unique set of risks with respect to personal disclosure. Here are some tips for a safer and hot sexting:

Do not show your face

You are magnificent and you go out. But you do not want this beautiful face to be linked to your super sexual body to be stuck on all social networking sites. The images and videos can become viral and, therefore, eventually reach millions in minutes, therefore, shoot from the neck.

Take a closer look

This is a great way to prevent your partner from guessing sexting, as well as helping to hide your identity. People are going to add fake tattoos to anonymize their photos, since you should never be too careful.


First ask about it

Sending unsolicited sextingequals persecution; therefore, you ask your flirtatious friend if they want your photos before sending them. Accepting a permit can be really sexual, therefore, use your imagination and be seductive and playful in the center.

Checking the Power of Imagination

If the first peak it sends is a snapshot of the whole body or genitals, it leaves no room for emotion and animation. Move gradually and do the prankster sexting that can keep a person on hold or an even hotter ending.

Clean the room!

If you take a picture in your bedroom, at least keep a good hygiene there, just hide the mess that comes in the background frame. Nobody looks hot in front of the pizza half-eaten, and some dirty socks stacked are scattered around the room.

Avoid using smileys

If you want to ruin a completely hot sextinglike “I want to try you”? Add an animated face to skillfully kill the mood. Now you’re definitely not in the mood for the little yellow circle you’re adding! Smilies are not sexy at all.

Wait for the photos to leak.

Obviously, you should send photos only to the other side, if you trust, but it is better to be cautious, since sometimes our most reliable lovers can at any time convert to Arqueas. Maybe it’s a bit melodramatic, but you can understand it: send only photos that do not ruin your career if they were hacked or leaked to the Internet.

Double verification before sending anything

Most people on your contact list are not interested in seeing your photos in the different stages of the conversation. They may be interested, but they probably will not open them to share these attractive photos with all their scores, so be sure to check the sender’s field twice before clicking on the “Send” button.

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