How to give an erotic massage 5 hacksyou need to learn ASAP

How to give an erotic massage: 5 hacksyou need to learn ASAP

Erotic massage can be an amazing foreplay, but do you know how to give an erotic massage properly? In this article you can find all the information you need to learn how to please your partner. There are plenty of different foreplays you might have tried in the past, but this can truly connect you with your partner and bring some extra passion or chemistry to your sex life.

How to give an erotic massage: Main points you need to remember

  • Use the right accessories
  • Make an atmosphere
  • What body parts you should focus on
  • How much time you need
  • Ask questions and listen to your partner

What you will need for erotic massage

What erotic and regular massage have in common is, that you will need massage oil to make it a thousand times better. The skin will get smoother and easier to do any sort of massage. But if you want to be as good as a professionalmasseuse, pick a lickable massage oil. Why? Well, the thing is, they will go to delicate areas and you want to make sure its suitable for those areas. Make sure you put the oil to your palms first and that you warm it out a bit, because you for sure do not want to put cold cream or oil on your partner. That could ruin the atmosphere.

erotic massage

Make an atmosphere

Speaking about atmosphere, there are few things you should do before giving or even receiving an erotic massage. Make sure both of you have shower (you could even shower or bath together which would only help), clean your bedroom and bedding, maybe even turn the lights off and just use candles to make it extra special. After all, massage will lead to kissing, maybe even oral sex or making love, so you may as well be all set up. Bring all stuff you would usually use to room whether it’s protection, lubricant or basically anything which will stop you from leaving the room. You do not want to be going to other rooms to search for stuff in the middle of the action.

What body parts you should focus on

Well, since we are talking about erotic massage, there are some erotogenic zones you shouldn’t miss out. Did you know,a lot of people are really sensitive around the neck area? Now you do. Also, a few of the other erotogenic zones could be lower back, ears or inner thigh. When you start the massage, maybe go from the face areas down. Make sure the oil is not cold and at first use the fingertips. Then you can start adding some more pressure. Each and every partner is different, but you will see what your partner likes by what he says or by his body language. Also, since you have probably had sex together before, you know what he enjoys and what is he sensitive to. So, just use your knowledge to massage him in those areas.

How much time do you need

There is literally no time limit for an erotic massage, but you should take as much time as is needed. It can be half hour, or more. Definitely do not make it less than 30 minutes. If you want to set a proper atmosphere and make it nice foreplay, then you shouldn’t rush it. Make your partner enjoy it, take your time.

Don’t hesitate to ask

As much as some people do not like talking in bed, this is different. During an erotic massage you should always be asking things like ´does this feel good´ or ´do you like it like this´. Make sure you know what your partners needs are, and don’t hesitate to ask if you are not quite sure. Everybody has different sensitivity and you want to please them, not ruin their night.So be careful and care about their needs. They may have even experienced some sort of massage in the past, so they might be able to give you some good advice or tips. Also, if you have tried something like that before don’t just assume your partner will like same stuff as you did, use itas a good source of information or inspiration. Just make sure you talk to your partner.

So, what is most important about giving a sensual massage? To sum up, make sure you are all clean. Take a shower or bath together to start the atmosphere. Think about the room atmosphere too, a nice lighting set up is always good!  Don’t forget to buy a lickable massage oil. Don’t forget to ask your partner what he likes, how he likes it and follow his tips. If he is not quite sure, be gentle, start with finger tips and then palms. Start at the head area and move down slowly…Take as much time as possible and you will give him an unforgettable massage. Pretty easy, after reading this! Do you like the thought of giving or receiving a massage like this? Hit us with a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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