Get the expert Treatment of ejaculare precoce

Get the expert Treatment of ejaculare precoce

When it comes to the physical satisfaction of women, there are very few men who could satisfy them fully. Women take more time to get orgasm than men. The main reason that a big lot of males are not able to satisfy the physical needs of women is that they suffer from the ejaculatory disorder. some suffer from erectile dysfunction or ejaculare precoce .

What is ejaculare precoce?

Premature ejaculation is when one partner ejaculates sooner than the other partner during intercourse. It could happen to both males or female but it is more often found in males. There could be various reason behind this which are-

  • Smoking or drinking alcohol-  smoking lessens the blood flow in the penis and alcohol consumption is the cause of erectile dysfunction if done before intercourse.
  • Stress- sometimes stress could affect you physically which could lead to this problem. So, be positive and relax during intercourse.
  • Excessive masturbation- it is one of the basic causes of premature ejaculation which lowers your stamina and sex time.

Ejaculare precoce

How to treat it?

You can depend on medication or rely on natural methods to resolve this problem. The medication would cost you a little bit. There are a few pills that you can consume to enhance your stamina and sex duration. But these pills could have some small side effects like headache etc. And these treatments would only have a short term effect on your body. There are some natural ways using which you could enhance your endurance like-

  • Eat a healthy diet- Eating healthy and nutritious food is very necessary to keep yourself up. Eating protein and vitamins in the right proportion would show good results.
  • Exercise regularly- working out is good for your physical health, it normally increases the blood flow in your body that includes your genitals too.
  • Control masturbation- you should control the times your masturbation which would stop having an adverse effect on your body. Try to watch less of the adult movies to control your hormones.
  • Use de-sensitizer on your genitals– you could also apply spray on your penis to lessen sensation which would control your ejaculation.
  • Distract your mind- try to think of various things which could distract you during intercourse which would show better results by controlling your brain cells and improve your endurance.

Ejaculare precoce is not a shame that you should hide. It is a disease that should be treated well. You don’t have to shy away from it, it could happen to anyone and actually is to many. The sooner you disclose your problem to the doctor, the sooner you could have the solution and the treatment. So, do not worry and visit a good doctor, treat it and make your sex life better.

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